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 My Blog Revenue Plan - Behind the Scenes of this Blog

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PostSubject: My Blog Revenue Plan - Behind the Scenes of this Blog   Sat Sep 17, 2011 7:03 pm

This short article is part of a series titled: “ Behind the Scenes of the Blog. How it all works”. This is a “ My Revenue Plan” post. My goal here would be to demonstrate to you how i will generate revenue because of this blog, www. makemoneyideasblog. com. I tried to keep this plan as general as possible so It may be applied towards any blog site.
Please note- This is simply a start- I will be adding ideas to your plan - so check lower back often: Next section coming-Marketing/Exposure…
the. AdSense (HTTP: //www. search engines. com/adsense/)
i. Best shown within post area [plugin-adsense deluxe](http: //software. acmetech. com/
wordpress/plugins/adsense-deluxe_wp_plugin. zip)
ii. Greatest displayed with image references [plugin- adsense beautifer] (http: //www. supriyadisw. net/2006/07/adsense-beautifier)
iii. Best to keep minimal- give 9-1 Information-advertising
b. Guides/E-books-
we. Sell other acclaimed authorized content
1. Content/guides, e-books, software program
a. http: //www. Clickbank. com
w. http: //www. Paydotcom. com
ii. Sell my very own guides/Ebooks that I make
c. Affiliate marketing-
we. Offer millions of products via Commission Junction
the. EXAMPLE: EBay sign ups thru Commission Junction (www. http: //cj. com)
ii. Recommendations to www. paydotcom. com is a great resource
d. Sell tools/software-
we. Create tools/software relating to my field and offer for sale it
a. software could be programmed via www. scriptlance. com
1. INSTANCE: I had a custom poker notes software package made and it brought a lot of traffic to my internet site. This cost me under $100- I found a programmer to build up this here: www. scriptlance. com
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My Blog Revenue Plan - Behind the Scenes of this Blog
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