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 Multimodal Technologies For The Warehouse

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PostSubject: Multimodal Technologies For The Warehouse   Sat Sep 17, 2011 7:03 pm

What on earth is multimodal mobile computing and so how does it work?
Using multimodal technology all begins which has a mobile, handheld computer that simultaneously uses many different peripherals. Devices such as those manufactured by Intermec not to mention Symbol (Motorola) are supplied rugged mobile devices. World-wide positioning systems (GPS) and Bluetooth technology, barcode scanning devices, radio frequency identification (RFID) and Vulcan Voice, CTG’ ersus voice technology, are just some of the peripherals available. When used with the multimodal input and output computer software, the entire system can dramatically keep your charges down.
The scanners used for barcodes are generally used by both manufacturers and distributors for countless years. Mobile devices can gain many tasks, but they can be used for one essential one: scanning barcodes. But imagine if such powerful multimodal devices were used by many more operations?
The barcode scanning device may be doing many more tasks than scanning the barcodes. A store employee may be using this same transportable unit for cycle checking, reporting DOA items, space replenishing, doing inventory, or maybe communicating with other employees in your store. These devices could even be used to guide workers' with voice technologies along the lines of voice recognition.
Many companies have found that adding voice recognition capabilities at their existing handheld computers creates an increase in wellbeing and productivity. Voice guided warehousing operations along the lines of voice picking allow users to be controlled by voice prompted work instruction which will keep their eyes on task and both hands available for moving supply. Voice picking improves safety at work while providing a 10% towards 60% productivity increase plus 99%+ order picking dependability. Voice picking is just among the many applications for voice popularity on rugged mobile devices on the job.
Multi-modal mobile computing allows the application of any integrated mobile peripheral inside of a single user interface. Operators no longer will need to use disparate software offers across multiple multiple devices to fund the various tasks that should be performed.
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Multimodal Technologies For The Warehouse
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