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 Motorrad Navigator II GPS Navigation System David Stone

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PostSubject: Motorrad Navigator II GPS Navigation System David Stone   Sat Sep 17, 2011 7:03 pm

Owners of BMW motorcycles have got a new technology available directly to them to provide up into the minute directions and navigation throughout most of Europe. BMW's latest GPS unit with regard to their motorcycles is a huge improve from their previous device. This model features a strong upgraded memory chip, about 2 GB from 512 MB. The model also features a road map covering each of Eastern Europe installed right out of the box. This is a great feature because ahead of this model you must take the unit with your pc and download the precise maps onto the unit. With this model you simple have got to mount the unit towards your motorcycle and attach typically the battery cable and you are prompted to take off on the trail.
Riders will find the fresh touch screen a vast improvement on the previous model there are been retuned for better use with gloved hands. The unit has been rated for utilization in snow and in bad weather, and against extreme heating and cold. The units increased memory and processors provide virtually instantaneous updates from information and position. Like the previous model it still provides rider with elapsed time, estimated time to destination, current speed, average speed and top speed. This models positioning is rather accurate as it takes in information from twelve unique satellites when coordinating your posture. Most GPS units only use a information of four satellites and this gives the BMW model an even better advantage at calculating your exact position on the globe.
As for staff or riders of non-BMW bikes, this unit can be taken with any vehicle or motorcycle but will require minimal mounting and additionally wiring. For an automobile it consists of a cigarette lighter plug that will be mounted fairly easily to most vehicles. Pedestrians can also use this unit with its solar battery powered option. This product is available at all BMW dealerships and online along at the BMW website.
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Motorrad Navigator II GPS Navigation System David Stone
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