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 Pen Drives - What Are They For

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PostSubject: Pen Drives - What Are They For   Pen Drives - What Are They For Icon_minitimeMon Nov 14, 2011 3:48 pm

Pen drives are an amazing little invention that allows you to transfer files using a small pen like structure. They were created to take the place of the floppy disk and to make it easier to exchange and store information. With it being so small, it can be carried anywhere and give you the convenience that you may require.
For business purposes, the small backup device makes a handy mode of transportation. It can be inserted right on your keychain which makes it the ideal way to store and carry information. Now taking work home with you is a breeze with a small pen drive to store all of your work. No more carrying around floppy disks and hoping that they do not get ruined or lost, the pen drive can fit into your pocket with comfort or slip into a purse or wallet or on to a key chain or body chain.
The end of the pen drive has a protective cover on it that clips into place. That means that you don`t have to worry about files getting damaged do to wear and tear. The cover keeps everything safe, while you have it in your pocket or at the end of your key chain.
The pen drive can store lots of different files. It can store and transfer, photos, spreadsheets, word documents, movie clips, music tracks and anything else that would normally go on to a floppy disk. Your entire project or book can be stored right on it. Some people have a few devices, although with the space on each one, you don`t need that many.
The pen drive has more space on it than a few floppy disks, which really does make it more valuable because it can utilize more space and hold more files.
For personal use, many people use them to store pictures on them. They can hold a few years worth of pictures which make them the ultimate photo album. Being able to store photos on them, it means that it can keep them safe for as long as you need them there, in the future if someone wants a copy of a picture or you lose some pictures, you can just revert back to your pen drive and retrieve the pictures again.
Not only does the pen drive store your pictures for you, but you can also take it into a store and use it with a picture maker machine. There is a slot on the machine to insert it and from there you can view your pictures and have them printed out.
Many teachers use a pen drive to store all of their projects and class assignments. It is a handy way to transfer information back and forth from home to school. This is convenient for teachers to use them because they usually have lots of school work to carry home and home work assignments from all the kids. With arms full of papers and folders to mark, having the small device to hold other pertinent information is easier to lug around.
The pen drive has a USB connector on one end and fits into a USB port on your computer or lap top. You can load files on to your computer for viewing or for saving, or you can transfer files on to it right off of your computer. It is very easy and simple to do.
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Pen Drives - What Are They For
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