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 Oracle Contact Center Anywhere Software From Romero

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PostSubject: Oracle Contact Center Anywhere Software From Romero   Sun Nov 13, 2011 4:38 pm

Romero is what is known as a Hosted Call Center Solution Provider, and one of the key call center software products that it offers to call centers is the Oracle Contact Center Anywhere Software.Basically, a Hosted Call Center Solution Provider will absorb all the headaches that come with installation and use of call center software by client call centers.

That means that, if you buy your Oracle Contact Center Anywhere Software from Romero, they will not only install it for you but they will also help you with any problems or issues that crop up. Although the Oracle call center software will help you create a virtual call center environment for your call center system to use, this does not mean that you do not need help installing it anymore.

By letting Romero handle virtual call center issues (which are common with multiple-user environments), your call center will find it easier to cope with your normal customer relationship management problems. Some things are best left to the experts to handle (unless your organization intends to become an expert at this call center technology as well.) But that may entail your organization becoming an Oracle Certified Partner (like Romero is now) rather than just simply knowing how to use the call center technology.

The Oracle Contact Center Anywhere call center software is classified as a hosted call center solution, meaning you allow Romero as the hosted call center solution provider to handle hosting for you so that your call center will only need to function using the Predictive Dialer call center technology and by using the simple hardware like a USB headset, Internet access, and a standard PC for your multiple users (or agents.) As you can see, this helps reduce overhead for your call center which would traditionally go towards real estate rental or construction; while allowing you to benefit from the Romero level of experience in management of the Oracle Contact Center Anywhere call center solution.

Actually, use of a call center software and hiring a hosted call center solution provider are very beneficial to management of a multiple-user contact center because they allow for your many company agents to focus on customer relationship management issues that are closely related to your product or service, rather than get bogged down in trying to figure out how the call center software and system work. You will find the assistance of the Romero technical support team to be invaluable especially since their techies are on call 24 hours a day, year round. Since it is already a tough job trying to handle multiple users in one call center, Romero can help make your call center job function better.

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Oracle Contact Center Anywhere Software From Romero
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