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 Compaq 751tu

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PostSubject: Compaq 751tu   Compaq 751tu Icon_minitimeWed Nov 09, 2011 5:33 pm

At a glance

Oh! The Wonderful world of Compaq! It brings you yet another, entry level notebook, the Compaq 751TU, that gives you all the features required by a person needing a basic portable personal computer and with a very attractive price tag.

Key Features

The key striking features of this notebook are a powerful Intel Core2 Duo processor running at a speed that most of the laptops of this genre are providing and it also has a big enough HDD. These two ensure a smooth operation and ample storage space in your notebook. It also provides you with internet utilities like a high speed modem and WiFi which are a big support.

Other Features

Some other features provided in this laptop that will interest you are a sound card, microphone and Speakers. It also gives you interfaces like 3 USB ports and one S video out port. It comes pre installed with Windows Vista Home Basic which again makes it an easy choice for people who need one for personal computing.

Design and Looks

Equipped with design features like a touch pad mouse, a large screen and a total weight of less than 3Kgs, it is a lightweight notebook good on design ease and style both.


All in all it a normal, simple notebook giving you basic features and options. It is good on storage however lacks a few interfaces. It is only meant for small domestic users or maybe grown up kids who do not demand much from their Laptops.

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Compaq 751tu
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