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 Top Cooling Company, fujitsu, wins The 2010 Japan抯 Minister Within the Environment Award.

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PostSubject: Top Cooling Company, fujitsu, wins The 2010 Japan抯 Minister Within the Environment Award.   Tue Oct 18, 2011 4:02 pm

At J&J Metro West were very proud to partner with a brand that it isn't just globally-competitive but also an environmentally-conscious partner that was striving to contribute with the fight against global heating. We are of course looking at Fujitsu and we are pleased to announce that Fujitsu抯 efforts have ended up recognised.

On December 1, 2010 during Tokyo, Fujitsu was awarded the 2010 Minister within the Environment Award for Cures of Global Warming. Besides for a leading ICT-based business alternatives provider, Fujitsu is also chargeable for the internationally successful Fujitsu Air conditioner products which we are offering to you to all our clients within Sydney and the Central Coast.

The Grant

The Minister of air Award for Prevention of Global Warming was presented with to Fujitsu for most of the modal shift program because of their products and parts shipments with which has led to the reduction of fractional co2 emissions in Japan. Modal shift means a new experience in the company抯 mode of product and elements transport; from trucks together with other shipment methods that cause high carbon emissions to methods that contribute to lower emissions, e. f. rail or boat.

The award is a natural part of Japan抯 Ministry of the Environment抯 aim to reduce the effect of global warming as well as been granted annually in December since 1998, the month designated while Global Warming Prevention Month by way of the Ministry. It recognises organisations and those that have made significant results to combat global increased temperatures.

Japan and Global Warming up

As a populous industrialised land, Japan has been forced deal with tough environmental issues. The region has been known in the following:
? Fifth leading emitter in greenhouse gases (contributes check out. 28% to overall global fractional co2 emissions)
? Leading importer about exhaustible energy resources
? Among the many largest consumers of fossil energy sources

Due to these specifics, Japan came up along with the so-called Cool Earth 50. This may be a plan to reduce global skin tightening and emissions by 50% just by 2050. The Cool Earth Alliance also states that The japanese will financially assist developing countries in reducing emissions.

The Kyoto Protocol can be another international agreement made for fighting global warming who was initially adopted in Kyoto, The japanese in 1997. As in July 2010, 191 reports have signed and ratified your protocol, including Australia.

Fujitsu Cooling? Sydney

Dubbed as 揂ustralia抯 Most-liked Air,? Fujitsu General (Australia) Pty Ltd is among the most leading suppliers of air conditioning to the Australian industry. In the last number of years the company has seen rapid expansion and now offers excellent Fujitsu air conditioner products suitable for simultaneously domestic and commercial utilizes. They have also established offices and warehouse facilities in the entire major capital cities throughout Australia.

We are one in every of Fujitsu抯product retailers. As a top Heating Ventilation and Air conditioner (HVAC) company serving Questionnaire, we have always aimed to grant the most efficient services and highest service to all or any our customers. Knowing that we all work with an internationally successful brand that may be environmentally friendly makes our work even more fulfilling.
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Top Cooling Company, fujitsu, wins The 2010 Japan抯 Minister Within the Environment Award.
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