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 Top 5 Reasons to buy a Fujitsu Scanner.

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Top 5 Reasons to buy a Fujitsu Scanner. Empty
PostSubject: Top 5 Reasons to buy a Fujitsu Scanner.   Top 5 Reasons to buy a Fujitsu Scanner. Icon_minitimeMon Oct 17, 2011 4:07 pm

If you're looking for a commercial scanner that will handle heavy works hundreds and increase your business’ efficiency, a Fujitsu scanner is what you are looking for. The Fujitsu line of scanners boasts a wide range of cutting edge features that make data management a since. Fujitsu scanners are versatile, easy to integrate, and a great value.
Take a look at these top benefits for Fujitsu scanners.
1. They are fast— The Fujitsu line of scanners is fast, allowing you to transform mountains of agreements into electronic data in almost no time at all. These scanners are capable of scanning over 120 pages per minute. That’ s up to 240 images each minute. This means you will be able to scan over 100, 000 documents in a single day. Whether you are simply looking to eliminate the file cabinets ?nside your office or you have documents you need to share with clients and associates locally or globally, Fujitsu scanners can handle the job quickly and easily.
2. Excellent image quality— Image quality is exactly where Fujitsu really sets itself apart from the competition. It’ s one thing to be fast; it’ s quite another to be fast and high superior. With Fujitsu, you will enjoy the best of at the same time. Your scanned documents will look crystal clear in grayscale or color. Enjoy the wide range of options available to attain optimal image quality.
3. Small Footprint— Fujitsu scanners feature space saving designs that take a look great and perform even better. After all, isn’ t one of the main reasons to get a commercial scanner to help you save space by clearing away mounds of paperwork not to mention ugly file cabinets? The low profile Fujitsu scanners are sure to fit in even the most stylish office setting.
4. Paperwork will be a thing of the past— Are you tired of stuffing all of your paperwork in file units? Is it a pain in the neck to dig around for that file you’ re looking for? Fujitsu scanners make filing paperwork a thing of the past. With the ability to scan up to 100, 000 pages per day, you can quickly back up all of your paper files electronically, allowing you to shred and dispose from the paper documents. Your electronic documents will be more organized, easier to browse (data will be extracted from images meant for easy searching), and more secure.
5. Fujitsu scanners are reliable— With commercial scanners, there is usually the danger of the scanner wearing down from this type of heavy workload. That’ s not the case with a Fujitsu protection. These cutting-edge scanners are designed to handle the heaviest workloads, all day, every day. Scan 100, 000 pages per day without worrying about wearing out the scanner. It will continue to produce the same high quality images in just a few moments, day in and day out.
Does your business need a heavy duty scanner that makes content management a wind? Learn more about Fujitsu code readers today!
DCA is the Fujitsu One Capture Connections Partner. Together we are not matched in creating scanning solutions for businesses of all sizes.
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Top 5 Reasons to buy a Fujitsu Scanner.
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