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 Acer tablet computer surpasses ipad in four attributes.

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Acer tablet computer surpasses ipad in four attributes. Empty
PostSubject: Acer tablet computer surpasses ipad in four attributes.   Acer tablet computer surpasses ipad in four attributes. Icon_minitimeSun Oct 16, 2011 4:03 pm

3299 yuan in pricing CARDS near people big fight Iconia Acer A500 the application, on April 15th with Beijing, as one part issued a formal roll-out Android 3. 0 method, the it 3299 for you to 3499 yuan released ahead of the price lower than a large number of media announced that price ranges expected after news briefing recognize applauded warmly. As Acer Acer declared price YiRenSi China gm, the media reaction to the charge of indigenous business "laowai" face illuminated up with pleasure. Inside the conference after the end on the interview, Acer Acer China gm YiRenSi Acer Iconia more with the prospect of A500 device PCS with dye-in-the-wood conveyed confidence. In media interview 40 minutes, he mentioned apple ipad device nearly 20 times how many other brands, and can be rarely mentioned, this generally seems to reflect on PC Acer Acer colleague with the it, the more there doesn't care with the hope can occupy a 70 % market share it within the apple iPad a extraordinary skill. Acer it several advantages iPad sniper Acer Iconia YiRenSi with regards to A500 in flat home pc market advantages, many times for comparison with ipad by apple, he thinks Iconia Acer A500 on four aspects, summarizes the iPad beyond apple for your following: A: more rather than iPad advantage, because Google android 3. 0 has adaptable open characteristics, can let hardware providers and application developers more customized in line with the user's demand with change for the better let products can more near to the user complex needs. Edge more business than a pair of: Acer Iconia iPad, A500 is at a more suitable designed for business applications, such because it has its USB vent, can facilitate data relationship, in addition the folder management interface as well as the operation is also closer to PC model, and Phrase documents, PPT applications, and Mnini HDMI external display even more accord with output store-bought positioning. Three: iPad price advantage than more near people, and iPad2 participate in the A500, Acer Iconia technology pricing for 3299 yuan solely, which is currently lugging Android 3. 0 standard system with the cheapest it. Advantage as compared to iPad supply four: a lot more enough, queuing, markups phenomenon can look in Iconia Acer, because A500 Acer Acer and apple require a completely different marketing prepare, apple is formulated in line with the plan in advance construction supply, not because industry demand and change. Acer Acer in this respect could be more flexible adjustments according on the market demand, it supply plan can be very important for the general public. Acer it share considering the Internet should be a minimum of the notebook In actually talking to Acer Acer tablet HOME PC market expectations, YiRenSi says this would not below this brand inside the notebook and Internet industry performance. Currently Acer notebook and Internet Acer on this market share is on the subject of 13% and 25%, believe that Acer Acer through tablet PC market share also are expected to no less than 13 percent and Acer Acer market target should be to become the user favourite it brand. The Google android it without 3. 0 will be decoration In conferences along with interview, YiRenSi mentioned in the large in the marketplace at present by Google android 2. The it A system, and they termed the ornament. He considers, Acer Acer not premature launched it really is waiting for Android 3. 0 method, because only Android 3. 0 system may be big screen it can provide complete user experience. For your Android 2. X that for, with smartphone stage development will inevitably win unsatisfactory place, such simply because screen resolution not fabulous, influence touch feeling, and so forth. YiRenSi still discloses, Acer Acer start Android 3. 0 system isn't just the it, at present the item planning and using Your windows program system W500 series. Furthermore, they also and Intel Meego technique it in r&d cohesiveness. Future Acer Acer may also launch 7 inches monitor Android 3. 0 method it, and smartphones category flat, let a manufacturer product line becomes more rich. Actually have many forces on any It competition, PC suppliers, mobile phone manufacturer, electronic digital manufacturers, etc, and which usually we found the ipad device, whether apple iOS strategy, or Android, and HEWLETT PACKARD web OS, blackberry Capsule OS, they are the cornerstone of smartphone system enhancement, does that mean cellular phone manufacturers have advantages involved? YiRenSi don't think cellular phone manufacturer with PC brand names in competitive it advertise can share cheapness, this individual thought, for system somewhat close, application products, cellular phone manufacturer and no biggest technology, both sides inside the product itself competence without a lot of difference. In sales in how, for example, with ipad by apple is almost always because of traditional retail channel revenues, other it in the exact same way also sales, this shows tablet PC sales channel remains the PC manufacturers. The original pattern of dominant And cellular phone manufacturer in telecom operators in the advantage in the laptop channels appeared not products in '09, operators launch 3G The web this service is was unsuccessful, and from this point cane easily see, PC manufacturers in the most important sales channel occupies great advantage. April 15 can be a extraordinary Friday, because acer, asus and also released the it employing Android 3. 0, point out not ordinary, it represents PC manufacturers started to JinBing aggressively it, in addition to the end of march along with early April lenovo the Pad with MOTOROLA Xoom launch, let 2011 become authentic it years. Then may also join the fortunes for war have blackberry PlayBook, HEWLETT PACKARD HP TouchPad, dell Ability etc strengthy products. Additionally large quantities of home digital brand Sally, tablet PCS will present some sort of exactly how competitive circumstance, who also impossible to help predict, at least at this point see is lively.
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Acer tablet computer surpasses ipad in four attributes.
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