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 Happy 30th Birthday Towards the Ibm Pc!

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Happy 30th Birthday Towards the Ibm Pc! Empty
PostSubject: Happy 30th Birthday Towards the Ibm Pc!   Happy 30th Birthday Towards the Ibm Pc! Icon_minitimeMon Oct 10, 2011 4:21 pm

August 12th marked 30 years because the IBM Personal Computer has been introduced. This computer changed the course of history. Affordable home pcs made typewriters obsolete. I certainly didn抰 expect my entire life would change so dramatically after i bought my first PC. And of course with the Internet now in over 75% of all homes in the us, having a computer means being associated with the world.

The first IBM PC was introduced with the Microsoft Disk Operating Program, MS-DOS. DOS was a relatively easy to learn COMPUTER ITSELF, and for those regarding you who remember having to type in commands around the DOS prompt, we have come quite a distance. Now with Windows 7, contact screens and voice initialized commands, DOS command prompts are but a distant memory for many. Of course I still utilize command prompt to get involved with the back end of my computer and access hidden features, and having developed with DOS, I am comfortable with most of the commands.

Of course the IBM PC was not the first affordable personal computer. Its predecessors included your Apple II, the Commodore PET, the Osborne I, and also the Tandy TRS-80. Once your IBM PC was brought in, the industry moved on the way to 揳 PC on every desk and in every home.? Today there have been over 400 million PC抯 purchased worldwide.

The world is moving away from the PC as the primary machine at the core of your connected lives. According to an article by Todd Bishop, GeekWire, 揝hipments of Internet-enabled electronics devices are on the right track to surpass PC shipments by 2013.? (See the chart below) What this means is the Smartphones, tablets, games consoles and TVs are making the PC just one more tool in the connectivity tool box, instead of the main device. Many individuals get our email and browse the Internet on our Smartphones. We read books on our Kindles, which are also directly connected via Wi-Fi. Tablets and laptops are generally putting the PC within the recycle bin. I ought to agree with Todd Bishop抯 fact. I have a SYSTEM that remains unplugged and stacked up inside corner of my laptop or computer closet. I have replaced it with a laptop, and am considering a tablet when the Kindle tablet comes out there.

Commemorating the introduction your IBM PC seems acceptable. But it boggles my mind to consider where we will end up being technologically speaking in yet another 30 years. What with regards to you?
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Happy 30th Birthday Towards the Ibm Pc!
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