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 Energy conservation aren't able to ignore the information engineering - data center eco-friendly IT, IBM, server --.

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PostSubject: Energy conservation aren't able to ignore the information engineering - data center eco-friendly IT, IBM, server --.   Tue Sep 27, 2011 6:01 pm

Former U. S. Vice Web design manager Al Gore in her department environmental documentary " Some sort of Inconvenient Truth" had expressed, for saving our earth, and everyone can perform, including the use in energy-saving products, to build up energy-efficient habits. From the IT opinion, not only in the information itself to the green, it is necessary to assist, through information technology Other Industry to achieve energy saving. Can not ignore the energy consumption dataRecently, any National Development and Reform Commission, the International Cohesiveness Center and sponsored by way of IBM, " Information concept and energy saving" website, the State Development as well as Reform Commission Zhang, director of international cohesiveness rushed IDG reporters that your current government of China 80 billion yuan per year energy consumption, 50% of one's consumption from IT products and services. IBM Greater China ceo of the money crowd will be to IDG (www. cnw. com. cn), said to reporters that as China's immediate economic growth, the size of China's economy accounted for nearly 5% of the environment However, China needs energy plus resource consumption accounting for pretty much 15% of the planet. In addition, Zhang Chong, says, in recent years, energy consumption there products 8% ~ 10% yearly growth rate. According to help you estimates, 2007, China's total power usage of IT products from 301 billion to 50, 000, 000, 000 stages, almost equivalent to China's A couple of Gorges power station generating capacity a year, of which the energy usage of data center IT goods accounted for 40% from the total energy consumption. Aside from that, according to industry estimations, IT products carbon dioxide emissions from power at least to the 35 k tons. " In it context, the development of one's saving, environmental protection, high efficiency when the core values of inexperienced IT products and related technologies, will be leading a new generation of IT products center on innovative content revolution. " Zhang Chong says. State Information Center, Ning Jiajun, leader engineer, said the Shanghai Supercomputing Center's supercomputer tempo of 10 trillion occasions per second, light usage of electricity per year hit 4. 8 million yuan, roughly the same as a small county ability scale. Even so, any Shanghai Super Computer Facility, or because the processor chip uses less energy to accomplish this result. He said that within original plan, the Shanghai Super Computer Center is designed system requires 5094 CPU to offer the same performance space wants 683 square meters, the annual electricity requirements of 16 million yuan to exercise. " It is because lower energy consumption through the CPU, it makes to offer the same performance, only one place of 185 square meters, while only 4. 8 million yuan per annum of electricity. " Ning Jiajun says, " This shows server power consumption to cope with the problem, the chip may be a key link. " What's more, the Ning Jiajun that in our situation, energy conservation is definitely inevitable choice for every sectors, while energy saving green It is actually an important way, that's the reason that our country can be saving in the electronic digital information industry Saving a lot more than put forward a corresponding policies. Can not ignore the information technologyIBM China's leader technology officer, Tian-being, IDG (www. cnw. com. cn), told reporters that i . t . should be a correct view from the relationship between emission diminishment and energy conservation, first will need to understand the field of information technology itself how to carry out energy saving, There is also need to see the information technology included in other energy saving along with green technology possibilities. Revenue crowd, said the data center itself needs not only energy saving, more notable, through information technology to help energy conservation in all sectors of your work. For example, she said, now average each and every server system of a capacity to 10 mil document information, but when going through river pollution prevention, watching, analysis may need to deal with 10 trillion document tips per second, which made the internet system high challenge.
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Energy conservation aren't able to ignore the information engineering - data center eco-friendly IT, IBM, server --.
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